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It should direct the deputy public prosecutor to investigate and prosecute in domestic courts other individuals suspected of involvement in the post-election violence. It should also support Willy Mutunga, the new chief justice, in his efforts to reform the judiciary and restore public faith in Kenya's system.

While the International Criminal Court ICC has taken on a handful of key cases, Kenya should establish a special judicial mechanism in its justice system to bring broader accountability, Human Rights Watch said. It should also provide compensation for victims, starting with the 21 or more victims of police shootings who have won civil suits against the Attorney General, but to whom the government has failed to pay court-ordered compensation. The page report, "'Turning Pebbles': Evading Accountability for Post-Election Violence in Kenya," examines the police and judicial response to the violence following the elections, which pitted ruling party supporters and the police against opposition-linked armed groups and civilians.

Human Rights Watch found that of the 1, or more killings committed during the violence, only two have resulted in murder convictions. Victims of rape, assault, arson, and other crimes similarly await justice.

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Police officers, who killed at least people during the violence, injured over more, and raped dozens of women and girls, enjoy absolute impunity. The ICC prosecutor has brought cases against six high-profile suspects accused of crimes against humanity. The cases have progressed despite a series of political and legal maneuvers by the Kenyan authorities to try to postpone or prevent prosecutions.

A pretrial chamber is expected to decide in January whether there is enough evidence for the cases to proceed. One Kenyan activist told Human Rights Watch the ICC is "the first institution [Kenyan politicians] have come across that they cannot bribe, kill, or intimidate," making it the focus of many victims' hope for justice. But hundreds of other perpetrators of serious crimes continue to evade accountability.

Artist turns ordinary stones into adorable animals that fit in the palm of your hand

These crimes include the more than 1, killings and enforced disappearances in Kenya's Mt. Elgon region, also linked to the election violence. The Coalition will continue to provide the most up-to-date information about the ICC and to help coordinate global action to effectively implement the Rome Statute of the ICC. The Coalition will also endeavor to respond to basic queries and to raise awareness about the ICC's trigger mechanisms and procedures, as they develop. Indonesia, which fought long and hard to avoid that outcome on impoverished, inhospitable and tiny East Timor, is not going to permit it for the resource-rich and huge chunk of Papua it controls, whatever local opinion wants, and whatever the legality of its rule there.

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The sad thing is that Indonesia seems to be repeating many of the same mistakes it made in East Timor. Its forces have been guilty of terrible human-rights abuses see for example, this report by Human Rights Watch.

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  • It has attempted to close the region off from scrutiny by the foreign media though some reporters sneak in. Above all, as the ICG points out, Indonesia has refused to recognise that there is a political problem that cannot be solved either by immigration or the central government's exchequer.

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    This new report may help. An editorial in the Jakarta Post , an English-language newspaper, seemed to get its point. But the internationally minded liberals at the Post are a softer touch than the nationalists whose hackles rise at any hint of further archipelagic dismemberment. Join them. Subscribe to The Economist today.

    Artist Turns Ordinary Stones Into Adorable Animals That Fit Inside Your Palm

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