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The anointing was a sign that God had chosen them and consecrated them for the work He had given them to do. When Andrew, a disciple of John the Baptist, became acquainted with Jesus, the first thing he did was to find his brother, Simon Peter, and tell him about his exciting discovery.

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Unfortunately, they misunderstood what this Messiah would do. They expected him to set up a kingdom on earth—a kingdom in which they would be the rulers, not the ruled. As a result, few were prepared to accept Jesus as the promised Messiah. It became their purpose to share this wonderful insight with others.

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As he closed his Gospel, the apostle John summarized the message he had been trying to get across. The Gospels repeatedly declare that Jesus is the Messiah—the One chosen by God and anointed by Him to save His people from their sins Matthew ; Luke ; John ; , Jesus Himself claimed to be the promised Messiah.

As the Messiah, He offers you forgiveness for your sins. Students experience a three-week wilderness course in Kauai, Hawaii. While applying adventure education practices, the wilderness encounter course at Messiah College gives students the opportunity to explore their relationship with God, others and self amidst hiking, camping and navigating through the islands of Hawaii.

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