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She was also unaware of scriptural teachings and wisdom that you have presented so well in this blog. But when she was young she was seeking to escape a very dysfunctional family and fell into the arms of this very abusive person. My own God-Parents from Church were married more than 70 years and passed away in within 6 months of each other. To have someone to cherish for such a lifetime is truly a great and wonderful blessing. Today unfortunately is a completely different time we now live in which in the Past it Definitely was so much more Easier finding Real Love the way our family members did.

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Quite a change since the Good old days. Love is not a feeling, but rather something you do. Passion is the driving force of love. Love is when you put the needs and wants of another person before your own wants and needs.

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Love is measured by how much you are willing to sacrifice. It is less likely in these times to meet godly potential spouses. The world is becoming more and more secular.

Any attraction so far turns out to be a dead end unbeliever. In both situation the Christian have the bad deal. If God brings a spouse when we are ready to handle it, then what can we do to make ourselves ready sooner?

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Great question Aryanna but as we both know, only God knows the answer to this. Since most of the good old fashioned women are now taken that would explain it as well since there are many of us good old fashioned men that are still available. Father I love one girl and she too. Bt my parents are not interested in her at all. She loves me unconditionally. All are against about our relationship. If God is love. I am in my mid thirties and still hoping and waiting. I want to be happy always and I currently pursue that. I however often wonder why the wrong people married men and unbelievers are the ones coming my way.

I have considered having a child out of wedlock…. God answers my other prayers but just leaves out the marriage part…. I wonder why…. Hello Monique. Women deserve respect just as much as men do. If you love a women that means you must also respect her. They cannot be separated.

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Well i will certainly have to say that we live in a completely different time today which makes real love very difficult to find now more than ever since it is the women of today that have really Changed from the past when love really did happen back then. It definitely was a much easier time for any man that was very seriously looking for a woman to settle down with since he really had no trouble at all back then.

Hello Tom. I found my beloved when I was not looking, after I had stopped looking, and after giving up all hope at middle age, but I finally realized unless I am fully satisfied in Christ, I can never be satisfied with anyone else, or even myself. Does that make sense sir? Thank you for your comment. A very unfortunate time we live in today compared to the past when real love really did come very easy at that time. I know that i have said this already with my last comment since this society has really went down the toilet, and unfortunately it is only going to get worse too.

Jesus was sent down to die for everybody and their faults, even people who are not inside the church. The ones in tears who cry out for his name, and even the ungrateful who mocked him. Hello Oliver. Yes, Christ died for His Bride, the church. If someone receives a pardon, and all can receive one thru Christ, they must accept that pardon in order to be free. Clearly not all will.

He died for everyone, yes, but not everyone accepts Him. Christ did die for His church…the church being those who God brought to repentance and then they put their trust in Christ. Absolutely you are right whatever you discussed over there. And more thing and if you want to find love intentionally and you set some conditions and criteria that belongs to you then you go for it actually.

Hello friend. The criteria is not as important as what the heart feels. You have totally missed the point. These are not criteria but someone who would make a good and loving mate according to biblical principles. Dear Uncle, Such a wonderful article. Met a very godly person in After we met, he said he was not at peace with the relationship. Since then we sometimes message each other to pray for some issues. He often travels to preach and I do pray at that point for him. I really liked him as a person and still wonder why the relationship did not work out. He is coming to my city to preach to a small gathering.

Should I go or not? Do advice. I would go my friend. I suggest there is nothing wrong with this. God and time will determine if this relationship is good or not. My prayers for you Susan. I agree to what you say here. Honestly, I never believed in falling in love and forgetting reason — such as when you fall for an abusive person. Love is not just a feeling. It is something you also fight and sacrifice for. You make the effort to love. Hence, it is not good to break a relationship for the reason that you have lost the feeling. There is something else beyond that!

Love is a verb.

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It is what you do more than what you feel. Im realy inspired on what u wrote in the article.. The thing is i have a very big love problem that has been bothering me. So i met a man before he was born again and we fell inlove with eachothr. Not so long he become born again and left me out of the picture, he never spoke to me again.

I always have to text him just when i have had enough of his everyday silence. He never texts me though he says he stull loves me in his situation. He has told me that being together wont be possible unless i become born again and im trying my level best to change. I love him whole heartedly and it realy hurts me everyday that i cant receive any love from him. Im lost i realy need an opinion and direction.