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Here are a few fun facts that you may not have known about Hungary.

Let me know in the comments! Hungarians are top athletes: When it comes to the Summer Olympics, Hungary is one of the best-performing countries in the world.

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He moved with his family to Wisconsin just over four years later, and would go on to build his fame in New York. It took him more than a month to work out the solution to his invention.

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Yoda, the green Jedi Master of Star Wars fame, is well-known for his sometimes backwards, sometimes just odd way of speaking. Pulitzer, the newspaper publisher of the St.

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He helped raise funds for the base of the Statue of Liberty , for example. He also served as a U. Congressman from to The Tokaj wine region in northeastern Hungary is, according to many, the oldest designated wine region in the world — though fans of the Port region in Portugal and the Chianti region in Italy might disagree. Other cities run longer tram configurations, but those are actually two trams joined together , not one long tram vehicle, as in Budapest.

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His experiments in sound eventually allowed him to send voice signals down a telegraph wire. He managed to get some money from someone and hired someone to help him.

His name was Thomas Watson. The two of them together came up with the telephone! Pretty cool.

Fun at the Telephone Company

The first words spoken were by Alexander on March 10, Any guesses what he said? Watson, come here, I want to see you. Loads of other scientists had very similar ideas and he had to race to the patent office to make sure he was the first one there and that he would be known for inventing the telephone. Bell and the people who had lent him the money, called investors, formed the Bell Telephone Company in They sure should be grateful to Mr. Bell for what he did! Bell was born on March 3, in Edinburgh, Scotland. He grew up in Scotland and was initially home-schooled by his father who was a professor.

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He later attended high school as well as the University of Edinburgh. He actually had loads of inventions and did experiments in many different areas of science. Here are some the things he invented:. The Metal Detector — Bell invented the first metal detector which was used to try and find a bullet inside of President James Garfield.

Audiometer — A device used to detect hearing problems.