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And Walter, a sad-sack high school chemistry teacher who found a vocation cooking the finest methamphetamine money could buy, was always adept at shifting his appearance depending on who was watching. In truth, though, his development over five seasons has been less a shocking transformation than a series of confirmations. Gilligan's busy and inventive narrative machinery has provided plenty of cleverly executed surprises, but these have all served to reveal the Walter White who was there all along.

The sides of his personality -- sociopath and family man, scientist and killer, rational being and creature of impulse, entrepreneur and loser -- are not necessarily as contradictory as we might have supposed. Or rather, if we insist on supposing that they are, it may be for our own sentimental reasons.

We love our television antiheroes, sometimes blindly.

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Nussbaum argued that at a certain point, Mr. Gandolfini and the show's creator, David Chase, fully acknowledged Tony's monstrosity, and that viewers' decision to empathize or identify with him was their own guilty choice. The key message to the audience -- one many of us elected to ignore -- was a line delivered by a psychologist to Tony's denial-prone wife, Carmela: "One thing you can never say, that you haven't been told. We have been told about Don Draper, too, though in the most recent season of "Mad Men," his charm has begun to seem shopworn and sad, and his misbehavior more pitiful than demonic.

And the truth about Walter White has been there virtually from the beginning. Very early on, after he withdrew his savings so that he and his partner, Jesse, could buy the R. Walter may have wanted us to believe -- and may, at moments, have convinced himself -- that he was a decent man driven by desperate circumstances to do terrible things, but that notion was either wishful thinking or tactical deceit.

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Viewed as a whole, in optimal binge conditions, with the blinds pulled down and the pizza boxes and chicken wrappers piling up around the couch, "Breaking Bad" reveals itself as the story of a man mastering his vocation and fighting to claim his rightful place in the world.