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They may help a person by making his enemies fall. The third group is like the second group only that their main purpose is to help women at childbirth. Here their function overlaps those of the nornir and it is difficult to distinguish nornir from f ylgjor [however, Mundal believes it is important to make this distinction. I do not. The fourth group is visible and the women appear to human beings. They may also be known as hamingjur. A fifth group is quite similar to the fourth but they may appear alone as individuals as well as a collective.

They may be visible or invisible. They are luck-bringing and often called hamingja. These motifs emphasize that luck will be with a person of the fylgjur are with that person. She advises her person. If she leaves, the person will suffer.

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Situations where the fylgja leaves her person if she does not like him happen and usually lead to death soon after she has left. The number of fylgjur in a collective is mentioned a few places, and then the number is nine. In the Sagan af Nikulasi konungi leikara it is said that each human being has nine fylgjur. The sixth group is the fylgjur as death-warnings. If she is an ill omen, she rides the grey steed of death horse or wolf , or she invites people home to herself.

In these motifs she is always visible. In these functions the fylgjur approach the valkyrjur. The word is also used for its poetical value. The word also exists in the Germanic languages.

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The only thing she has inherited from the animal fylgja is the name. This is not the case with the fylgja: she has her own identity and her own will, she belongs to a world outside the human world, and she does not die with her human but appears to be immortal.

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She may move from generation to generation and may be more connected to the clan than to the individual. Contrarily, she has a lot in common with the nornir and the valkyrjur. It is impossible to draw a sharp distinction between these.

The hamingja and the woman fylgja. Hjalmar Falck saw the word hamingja as almost identical to the word hamhleypa , which refers to a person who could change shape or send the soul out in a different shape. I [Mundal] think that there is no proof in the written sources that the hamingja could wear animal shape, or that a person owning it is hamram someone who can send it against an enemy. In hamram , it is the soul that takes a shape, not the hamingja.

In fact, wherever a hamingja is described she seems to be synonymous with the woman fylgja.

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In the sources, a person could have several or just one hamingja , just like with the fylgja. They are dead ancestors who have become guardian spirits of their clan. This article, and your whole collection of work on norse culture is utterly fascinating to me. Though I have not read or studied the eddas and other norse literature to a great deal, I am so drawn to this work because of dreams and recollections that seem to attract me to norse culture.

I am obviously not norwegian by birth, and though my family is all of norwegian descent, they identify very little with that culture. So it has been a puzzle for me as to why I am so drawn to the old norse culture I currently conclude that it has to do with reincarnation, though I do not know if it means an individual is reincarnated, or merely the memories of one get embedded in ones genes.

In any case I have had numerous dreams and memories of that time period, and the culture and the ideals of the culture. In particular I recall a dream when I was around years of age where I visited an old haggard looking lady who lived in a sod house and in effect told me to wake up, to live life deeply, to rouse myself to inner action and avoid dying while still living somehow she did this without actually talking.

It is hard to explain why or how, but the energy that dream imparted on me stuck with me very deeply. I still can recall the feeling, and the urgency it conveyed. Somehow too I knew it to be connected to Norse culture, as many of those types of dreams I have had are. After reading this article I wonder if that may have been an encounter with a Fylgja? In any case I thank you very much for sharing your excellent work with everyone on the web.

If you come out with a book I will certainly buy it! Thank you for sharing. I think that your dream about the old woman and her message is certainly within the sphere of Old Norse realities, and that she performed the same function as any good fylgja would do. And what great advice she gave! Interestingly, my grandmother gave me almost exactly the same advice before she died. Being my ancestral mother, she too acted like a fylgja for me several years after her death… Love and blessings, maria. Hi, this was great information.

Can you recommend some further reading material on that topic? I found this piece very interesting. To recognize her as kin was helpful. And now to recognize who our shared companion is, according to tradition, feels like another blessing. An early dream showed her inviting me into a great library, which invited me into a life of scholarship; this was the way she had appeared to my mother.

Later she showed me a lady in tears, asking me to help her — which invited me into the environmental movement.


She led me to Freyja. And brought the awareness of my norse ancestry norse fathers; celtic mothers on both sides to light. I have asked her for guidance now on next work and she helps me walk step by step into the world of the sagas. I am particularly fascinated by the animal Fylgja. Or it is possible only to have either a falcon or a hawk. This is important to me as I understand there are large genetic differences between them but would this affect the possibility of being the same Fylgja. I need to know this so I properly know what my Fylgja is and also if I decide to take up Falconry I know what raptor to work with.

Apparently you can get visions of your Fylgja which I sometimes get and so I have done lots of research. When researching the two raptors on the websites below I found strong similarities and nothing to suggest differences. I feel as though my Fylgja is more hawk-like but Gyrfalcons have really attracted my attention which is the cause of me asking you this today.

I am also aware of the differences between totems and animal Fylgja. This rainbow feathered wolf lady spirit has been guiding me for 7 years.. I remember meditating inward and suddenly getting a sense of my own spirit, and it was in the same color code as my mandalas.. My original spirit was white and cloudy with a green nucleus and a pale grey-green nucleolus.

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I searched for 2 interbalancing spirits red and blue to play counterweight to the green nucleus, and I welcomed their will over my being. Green: efficiency, singular purpose, Red: vibrance, reactivity, Blue: tranquility, the immovable Orange: flexibility, the pluripotent Yellow: assembly, creation Purple: disassembly, destruction.

They found balance with one another to such an extent that they became nearly indivisible; when I felt them it was as a whole. I began to be influenced by their will and became much more balanced and spiritual. My priorities were shuffled. I suddenly held a deep intuitive knowledge of complex networks and systems, facilitating epiphanies about things I already had some data on. It fed her, and she became more noticeably present from then on. But never as visually apparent as that first time, which left me awed at the rainbow feathering, and gleefully humbled that such a spirit would find me a suitable companion.

I need her. I become very afraid whenever I consider doing something that would upset her and her determination toward high-functioning balance. She appeared to my friend Cinder, who is a self-described wolf spirit, after my arrival at a commune last year. Hilsener fra Brasil. Din e-postadresse vil ikke bli publisert. Skip to content. The Hammer of Greatness 2. Counseling and guardian spirits She may counsel her people and let them know that if they do not take her advise they may end up dead. Goddesses, souls or ancestral mothers?

The ancestral mother is a guardian spirit for her descendants According to Else Mundal, the most important function of the woman fylgja is to be a guardian spirit for the clan, and there are several examples on how they are connected to ancestral worship, as they appear exactly like ancestors do and with the same functions. The ancestral mothers gather the dead The ancestral spirits and ghost, just as the fylgja , had the function of taking people to the land of the dead.