Auditioning for Cooperstown: Rating Baseballs Stars for the Hall of Fame

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Ultimately, they will be remembered as much for steroids as anything else. Judging apples to apples: Should steroid users be admitted to the Hall of Fame? Epstein: Testing positive for PEDs not a career-ender for minor-league baseball players. Has WADA helped or hurt the anti-doping movement? Mexico City became launch pad for athlete doping tests. As the sports betting industry continues to expand outside its traditional stronghold of horse racing, sport governing bodies are facing a seemingly impossible task of keeping matches clean. Among spectators, betting is widespread.

Beating Betting found in the United Kingdom that Alarmingly, Match fixing is defined as influencing the course or result of a sports match or event for personal or financial gain. While match fixing refers to the end result of a game or event, spot fixing involves small events that can be gambled on, such as a penalty kick or bowling delivery, which are usually harder to identify. The most infamous match-fixing episode occurred a century ago: the Black Sox Scandal. Eight Chicago White Sox players acted to deliberately lose the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds the Reds won in an era when the series was best-of-nine , in return for bribes from a gambling syndicate led by Arnold Rothstein.

The Calciopoli scandal shook Italian football in Many clubs, including Juventus, were found guilty of paying to influence the selection of referees.

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Match fixing can be traced to the ancient Olympic Games, in which competitors, particularly in chariot racing, were known to accept bribes in return for performing badly. Match officials have also been found guilty. Since , football referees in Portugal, Germany, Brazil and the United States have been prosecuted for directly influencing the results of matches in return for bribes. Money is the root cause for match fixing, though not the only one.

Throwing matches for the sake of a better draft pick or easier opponent in the next phase of a competition can lead to a better chance of success in the future. And trophies are a prerequisite of money and power. The drive to be successful and enjoy financial gain will never go away.

Stopping match fixing, then, for governing bodies in all sports is difficult. The International Cricket Council introduced a monthlong amnesty for Sri Lankan cricketers in January of this year, in which they could report approaches by match fixers throughout their careers, under the promise that they would not be prosecuted for failing to come forward earlier. The success of the effort has not yet been publicized, but it came less than a year after the RFU undertook its first prosecution for betting by a registered agent: Matthew Hart was found guilty of betting on matches his clients were involved in.

The general public is likely to turn on players and teams who lose amid scandals in which agents or match officials are found guilty of betting — legally or otherwise — which underscores the need for every professional stakeholder in sport to be banned from gambling. For example, tennis players are not prohibited from betting on matches they do not play in. Pete Rose is the all-time hits, games played, at-bats and singles leader in Major League Baseball, but he was penalized with permanent ineligibility after being found guilty of betting on the sport. Gambling still needs addressing, though.

Selected companies have been banned from advertising because of their campaigns by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, but nine of the 20 Premier League clubs last season wore the branding of nine gambling companies as their main shirt sponsors. That leads to illegal betting rings seeing huge potential for profits, and they have found players willing to take part: Seven Real Valladolid players are accused of throwing their last match of the season, a loss to Valencia, in May Governing bodies say match and spot fixing are impossible to thwart.

Though perhaps fighting a losing battle, organizations can increase the likelihood of success with joint efforts. Ryan Plant is a freelance sports journalist from Lincolnshire, England. He is a recent football journalism graduate from the University of Derby. His portfolio can be found at wakelet. Will sports gambling change the way we view sports? Maintaining integrity of the games will be ongoing issue for NCAA with legalized sports betting. News flash: Improper payments to college athletes is oldnews.

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Do gambling firms have a role in South African sport sponsorship? Two historic events, 50 years apart, will be marked the weekend of July Though unrelated, they are, perhaps, worthy of similar commemorations. A huge accomplishment. On July 20, the world will mark the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped on a celestial body other than Earth, the first humans to do so.

An out of this world accomplishment. It is a long way from Cooperstown, N. Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon at p.

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EDT with Aldrin following about 19 minutes later. On that summer day in , Major League Baseball was in full swing. Games were held in 10 cities that day, and many ballparks had distinct reactions to the historic event. MLB was new to Montreal that season, and the games played in Quebec were the first regular-season contests staged outside the U. The Mets were in the middle of their miracle season, during which they won the World Series against a seemingly dominant Baltimore Orioles team a year after finishing ninth in the National League.

It was in between the first and second games of the doubleheader when the Eagle landed.

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The Mets lost the first game, but won the second in 10 innings. They were huddled in an airport bar watching the event on television, trying to get home for the All-Star break. It was just a wonderful feeling we all had watching this. And remember what was going on in our society at the time. This was a period where there was no good news. Nothing positive was happening. The U.

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So for a brief moment, even to some baseball players, the moon landing gave them a chance to be hopeful again. But back then, for those who remember it, there was no good news. In New York, particularly, all the things that were going on, and every big city in the country was going through the same thing. It was Bat Day, a tradition at the time, and 32, attendees received souvenir wooden bats.

The count on him had just gone to one ball, two strikes. They waved the bats back and forth. Shepard kept talking, but his words could not be made out through the din. Most did not turn toward the scoreboard. Finally, the announcer could be understood, and he asked the crowd for a moment of silent prayer for the safe return of the astronauts. At the end of the song, another mighty cheer arose, just like the one that usually greets the completion of the national anthem before a game. In Atlanta, Boston and Anaheim, brief mentions of the landing and short stoppages in the games took place.

Central Time. The scoreboard exploded, but not for him. The right-hander and spitball-throwing ace was a Giants starting pitcher at the time. While Perry won games and the Cy Young Award in both the National and American leagues during his career, he was terrible at the plate.

At that point in his career, he had never hit a home run.

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People such as former Giants manager Alvin Dark doubted it would ever happen. As fate would have it, Perry was on the mound that day against the Dodgers when Apollo 11 landed, and the Giants made an announcement on the public address system. Barry M. That said, were it up to voters from this project, seven players would be enshrined this coming summer, all from the writers ballot.

Full voting results are posted below, in alphabetical order of last name. That being said, voters are not restricted to the ballot. A player need not have played 10 seasons or even in the majors to be eligible here. I will likely cut the ballot down next year, as it has become unwieldy and confusing. Thus far, though, my aim has been not to omit any worthy player.

Tim Raines , votes out of Does he belong in the Hall of Fame? Only eight players in history have reached base 4, times, scored 1, runs, stolen bases and were worth more than 60 Wins Above Replacement lifetime. As the voters of this project have attested by ranking him in the top ten for the fourth year in a row, and No. In an era of redrawn valuations, on a Hall of Fame list that grows more vexing each year, Biggio strikes me as one of the easiest Yes votes on the ballot — and he did so in , when I voted for him in his first year of eligibility.

A multi-position player whose up-the-middle metrics compare favorably with HOF standards, Biggio ranks 21st in MLB history in hits and 15th in runs scored, and he delivered more doubles than any RH hitter ever. And Biggio did this while earning four Gold Gloves, playing his entire career for a single organization, making 19 straight Opening Day starts, being honored as a Roberto Clemente Award recipient for community service, and being recognized — by teammate after teammate — as the lock-down, no-questions-asked leader of a Houston franchise that enjoyed its only run of sustained excellence on his watch.

He goes in. His numbers speak for themselves. In the 15 year period he played, he was second in RBI , third in runs , hits , and walks , and fifth in HR Bagwell received MVP votes in 10 of his 15 years and won it in While playing Bagwell was regarded as one of the smartest base runners in the league. With all these things considered Jeff Bagwell should be a hall of famer.

Auditioning for Cooperstown: Rating Baseballs Stars for the Hall of Fame

Greg Maddux is the reason I will be trimming the ballot next year. I included more than players on the ballot this year, making it somewhat unwieldy and indecipherable. On a clear, easy-to-read ballot, a player like Greg Maddux ought to get percent of the vote. Barry Bonds , votes out of Does he belong in the Hall of Fame? In a normal world, you would not be reading anything about Barry Bonds in this space.

They did take creativity-enhancing drugs after all….