Mobbing am Arbeitsplatz (German Edition)

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A Case Study of Mobbing and the Clinical Treatment

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Development of a mobbing short scale in the Gutenberg Health Study.

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Development of a mobbing short scale in the Gutenberg Health Study

This seems to be a false friend, or an English word that in this sense is actually more German than English like "Handy". I think you're right that it's a false friend. Thanks, Nancy, that makes a lot more sense. PS: A big thank-you to whoever on the late shift fixed that line-break thing. The term "mobbing" is used in the sense of group bullying in English, too. Fascinating, Archfarchnad! Well I would think that the German use of mobbing could most definitely be translated with bullying.

Actually, no, it can't. I'm not sure why someone chose this thread to resurrect, but in the intervening time, there have been several others, some probably with more discussion. The term Mobbing is already German. The very helpful feedback of those in attendance at the lecture is gratefully acknowledged. The best starting point for a research program on workplace mobbing is recognition that the phenomenon is rooted in impulses we share with many other species.

Ganging up to attack a target is not only learned, cultural behavior. Nor is it only an act of human will. It is indeed a matter of culture and of ethics, but more basically, a matter of nature or biology. Mobbing is best understood as the coming to the surface, the expression in distinctly human ways, of instincts we are born with, tendencies to which we are genetically, physically inclined.

Here, from a report in the Wilson Bulletin by field biologist Erik M.